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(Litter Name - Xander)

Dark Sable & White


Xander is named for Alexander Hamilton, one of America's  Founding Fathers and the main character in the musical.  He was the second puppy born, after a long wait, and is a dark sable with a full white collar, a connecting white blaze and long white stockings. Like his namesake, Xander is quite opinionated and always has a lot to say!

Kelby at One Year.jpg

Kelby, at one year, has already used his seizure response training as a service dog in Northwest Washington.

Kelby at 6 months.

Carey’s Stillwater Kelby (Xander) flew home with the Carey family of WA. Kelby will be first and foremost, a beloved family companion, but he was carefully observed and selected to become a service dog, learning to respond to seizures. Kelby will enjoy lots of outdoor activities with his new owners, Brent and Tess.

Xander, whose new name is Kelby, enjoys the late fall sun after playing.  More next week on his new family and home on the west coast in Washington .

Xander has steadily gained since birth and is now the largest puppy, at 7 lbs., 1 oz.  He is a happy guy who loves to both to play with his siblings and to interact with us.

At five weeks old, Xander has grown in confidence...and size!  He is now one of the heaviest pups, weighing in at over 6 pounds.  He is a very friendly guy.

Xander, at four weeks, is gaining in independence.  He is a very friendly guy and one of the first to greet us.  Although quite vocal as a newborn, he is gaining in confidence and doesn't feel the need to "talk" as much. He's a sweetie!

Xander is becoming a very friendly guy!  He is one of the first to toddle over to see me when I am near the pen and is very content to cuddle and give kisses.  

Although still on the smaller end, he has quadrupled his weight since birth.

Xander, at two weeks, is one of the smaller pups...but that doesn't stop him.  He is an active guy who eats, sleeps, moves... and speaks.....with determination. Xander was the first to find his legs and has climbed out of the box a couple of times, so far. Even at an early age, he is showing some leadership skills.

Xander at one week.  Here's a boy who knows what he wants and how to get it.....with his voice!  He isn't shy about letting us know that something is amiss.....a good ES trait!

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