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                      QUITTNER'S ULLR

                    UKC P177-192    ESC-3088

                              MDR1 N/N

     Ullr is an 11 year old, black and white English Shepherd who is owned by Micah Quittner.  He was part of a dual-sired litter in 2004 (sired by McVaugh's Charlie and Dersam's Sparkplug) and has been verified by UC Davis as being sired by Charlie.  Ullr's parents, Charlie and Dersam-Dollard's Ginger, were among the first ES pairs with OFA Excellent scores, and come from old English Shepherd lines.

     Ullr is a calm, confident dog who has been his owner's family companion all his life.  He is protective when needed, biddable, happy to be part of whatever's going on and loyal to the family.

     (Ullr's name is pronounced OO-ler.)

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