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(Litter Name - Theodosia)

Sable & White


Theodosia is named for Theodosia Burr, wife of Aaron Burr.  Our Theodosia is a medium sable with a full white collar, white dot on her head and long white stockings.  She was the ninth puppy born, making her entrance just before midnight.

Maia at one year.jpg

Maia at one year old.  She has settled into her job as "Assistant to the Manager" at Coppel House Farm in New Hampshire.

Maia at 6 months.

Stillwater Copper Penny (Theodosia) went home with the Kelley family in NH.  Maia’s owner, Meghan, is the farm manager at Coppel House farm, a large diversified family farm.  Maia will have chickens, ducks, sheep, horses, and cows to help tend and will also be on hand to greet the public as they come to enjoy corn mazes, hay/sleigh rides and other seasonal activities.

Theodosia, whose new name is Maia, has found a comfortable napping spot.  More next week on her new family and home in New Hampshire.

At 7 lbs., Theodosia is the second largest puppy in the litter. She loves to play with her littermates and is exploring more and more.

Theodosia is a friendly girl, midway in the pack order so far.  She likes to watch what we are doing.

At 4 weeks old, Theodosia remains one of the largest puppies.  She is interested in what's going on around her and is happy  to cuddle, explore or sit back and just observe.

At 3 pounds, 5 oz, Theodosia is now the largest puppy in the litter.  She is a fairly mellow girl, although she doesn't hesitate to initiate play with her siblings.  A definite sweetie!

At two weeks, Theodosia is one of the two biggest puppies thus far. Her eyes are open and she gets around pretty well....especially when her mother shows up.  Theodosia's coat has lightened quite a bit. She doesn't fret much.

Theodosia at one week.  She is proving to be a fairly quiet, tractable puppy who rolls with the punches....if she gets pushed off her mother by a sibling, she doesn't fuss....she just finds a different spot.

Theodosia at 2 days.

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