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Well Done!

On Monday...7-17-17, Ginger and I left Maine at around 4 in the morning (one of my favorite times to travel) and made the trip to NY. Our ride through New Hampshire and Vermont was lovely....I89 winds its way through forested hills and valleys with very little human evidence getting in the way (read not a lot to look at except trees and mountains!) We arrived at Lake Champlain early enough in the morning that three ferries were running so we didn't wait long at all to cross.

The Bubbins Dairy Farm is only 10 minutes from the ferry terminal and sits on the plain of the immense Lake Champlain valley....beautiful mountains to the west and the lake to the east. Arriving at the farm, we met Charlie's wife, Lynn, and then Charlie and Boone showed up from the barns.

From what I've read, timing is everything in breeding. And instinct plays a pretty big role, as well. The one test we'd done at the vet was inconclusive and I was "winging it" as far as the right time to breed was concerned. I worried somewhat that we might have arrived too early and that she wouldn't be as attracted to Boone as he was to her.

Wrong! Our timing was spot least, according to the two of them. It was "love" at first sight (well, second sight as we had traveled to NY last September to meet both Charlie and Boone....but I don't think they really remembered each other) and it didn't take long to become Very Best Friends. Kind of like that old ad where two people are running in slo-mo across the meadow! They took care of things themselves in a very well mannered fashion....textbook, really.....and we were on our way shortly, leaving Charlie and Boone to get back to running the farm.

Another similar visit the next afternoon....again with the timing, the love, the textbook behavior.....and we were on our way home. I must say that I am even more impressed with Boone than ever. Besides being an indispensable help on this large farm, he is a gentleman.....well tempered, polite and handsome. Plus, he fulfilled his responsibility with panache! Ginger, of course, is in love!

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