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Charlie and his owner, Leesa, live pretty close to us here in southern Maine, and we get together periodically for play and walks.

Charlie (officially Shepherd's Way Buckeye Charlie) is a happy guy who loves everyone! He really looks a lot like his mother, Pixie (Shepherd's Way Elfin Enchantress), although as he grows (20 months now), he is filling out and becoming more masculine like his dad, Cash (Husted's Trib to Johnny Cash).

We've known Charlie here in Maine since he arrived from California but have really followed him since he was born through Facebook. (His litter name was Thorn and he was one of 10 puppies born on the Vernal Equinox...thus the Spring Litter, bred, whelped and raised by Jennifer Kuehn) We watched the puppies' progress with enthusiasm and were thrilled to find that one of them was coming east!

It's a lot of fun to be around Charlie! He has an enthusiasm which is infectious, wants to please, loves to play, is very athletic and doesn't get rattled when Lacy acts like the Fun Police!

One of the really neat things about Charlie...other than his wonderful personality and striking good that he is the great grandson of Leesa's first English Shepherd pair, Chooch and coming

It's nice that they are only a couple of towns away!

Ginger, Lacy and Charie...good dogs who are used to posing for pics.


Ginger and Charlie on the snow covered sand pile.

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