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In September, we drove over to upper NY state to meet Boone (Boone Bubbins of Shepherds Way) and his owner, Charlie Bubbins. Boone is a working dog on a large dairy farm owned by Charlie and his family near the city of Plattsburgh.

It was a beautiful drive, from here in southern Maine, through the heart of New Hampshire and across northern Vermont. Although it was only mid-September, some of the foliage had started to turn and, along with that beginning color, the heavily wooded hills and valleys of this part of New England, made for a very pleasant trip. The ferry ride across Lake Champlain was gorgeous...crisp air, vivid blues in the lake and sky...and a relatively short ride.

The farm, which has been in Charlie's family since the mid 1800s, is quite large and it took a little while to find Boone and Charlie, who were working on putting in silage that day.

Boone is the only son of his father, Odie (Partlow's Odis Charles), also a working farm dog and is a beautiful guy, tricolor with striking extra white.

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