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Barn Hunt Work at Bonny Eagle Farm

Last Saturday, we drove over to Standish to visit our ES friends, Teddy and Bear of Bonny Eagle Farm, and their people, Catharine and Neal, at their farm near Bonny Eagle Lake. We had been invited to do some BH practice as they had a number of hay bales and the space to set up a course.

Teddy and Bear are just starting out with this sport but seem very enthusiastic about it and we all had a great time practicing going through tunnels, climbing the bales and looking for the tubes which Neal had made. Although no real rats were used, one of the tubes did contain a dead mouse and all the dogs seemed very interested in that one so, hopefully, that interest will transfer to the trial we are all attending in NH next Saturday.

Whatever happens in the trial, we always have a good time with the boys and Catharine and Neal. We've known both dogs (littermates) since they were puppies.

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