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(Litter Name - Schuyler)

Dark Sable & White


Pardy at One Year.JPG

Schuyler is named for the three Schuyler sisters, whose lives intertwined with Hamilton's.  We liked name Schuyler enough to use it for this litter.  She is a rich, dark sable whose full white collar has a brown mark in it, a white blaze which connects to her collar, very tall white stockings and white on the inside of her back legs.  Schuyler was the third puppy to be born.

Pardy, at one year, is focused on her family and agility training in New York, near the dairy farm where her father, Boone, lives and works.

Pardy at 6 months.

Sweet Jade’s Pardy Girl of Stillwater (Schuyler) will live with the McGovern family of NY. Pardy’s future holds agility training and spending time on the large dairy farm where her father, Boone, lives and works. Her owner, Linda, grew up there (her brother is Boone’s owner) and Pardy is named for Linda’s great-great grandfather, who started the farm back in the 1850s.

Schuyler, new name Pardy, is taking a break here.  More about her new family and home in New York.

At six weeks old, Schuyler is on the smaller side, weighing in at 6 lbs.  This doesn't stop her from being an active, engergetic girl.

Schuyler is an active girl, always into something!  She can hold her own with her brothers and sisters without any problem.

Schuyler says, "Bring it!"

At a month old, she is beginning to show an intensity which reminds me of her mother.  She does everything with, sleep, play,!  

Although she is one of the smaller puppies, Schuyler has made the most gains in terms of weight, having almost quadrupled her birth weight!  She is quick to notice new things....whether it's a noise or movement....and, like her siblings, can be very cuddly.

Schuyler, at two weeks old, still  has the darkest sable coat in the litter. Although she is on the smaller side, she was the first puppy to "escape" the whelping box and one of the first to open her eyes.  Schuyler is good about being handled and led the pack in giving kisses.

Schuyler at one week.  Schuyler has replaced her sister as the darkest sable in the litter. She is an active puppy and one who isn't afraid to voice her opinion.

Schuyler on Day 2.

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