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Stillwater Freud


Littername - Rusty

Russett is Middle English for "red brown".

Our Rusty is a medium sable, with a white mark on his neck, white blaze & muzzle, belly and paws. He was the sixth puppy born.

Ziggy at 1 leash.jpg

Ziggy at one year old. 

Ziggy at the Met -6 month6_edited.jpg

Ziggy at 6 months old, is in training to be a service dog.  This was his first visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Carol and Ziggy.jpg

Stillwater Freud...."Ziggy" lives in the heart of NYC with Carol Lea Benjamin, and is being trained as a service dog.  Carol has much experience with dogs, training and writing.  Ziggy is her fifth service dog....and first English Shepherd.

Rusty Ziggy at 7 weeks.jpg

At seven weeks old, looking forward to city life in NYC.

Rusty 6 weeks.jpg

Rusty at six weeks.  

Rusty - 5 weeks.jpg

Rusty, at 5 weeks.

Rusty at 4 weeks.jpg

Rusty, at four weeks, is gaining in self confidence and size.  He is more willing to participate in puppy play now and will seek out his siblings to do so, although he is often glad to concede an argument. His pleasant nature has made him a favorite with visitors.

Rusty - 3 weeks.jpg

Rusty, at three weeks, is a sweet-natured guy who is mid pack in size and temperament. He is one of the first to come to visit and is very calm when being handled. Rusty engages with his littermates but is not pushy or rough.

Rusty 2 weeks.jpg

Rusty, at two weeks of age. He is mid-pack in size and a fairly calm boy. Like his littermates, Rusty is starting to walk.

Rusty 1 week.jpg

Rusty at one week of age.  Rusty is a very mellow guy, doesn't fuss, makes sure he gets his share, though...he is mid pack in size.


One Day Old

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