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Stillwater's Sophie

Litter Name Fina

Sophie at 1 year cropped.jpg

Rufina is based on Latin for "Red Haired", also found in modern Italian. Our Fina is a dark sable, with a thin, curved collar, white blaze and paws.

"Fina" was the second puppy born.

Sophie at one year old.

Sophie - 6 months_edited.jpg

Sophie at 6 months.

Gerritys and Sophie.jpg

Stillwater's Sophie...Sophie headed home with Vickand Michael Gerrity to their large family farm in western NY. Besides helping supervise activities there, she will have Aussie big sister, Sadie, for play and companionship.

Fina Sophie at 7 weeks.jpg

Seven week old Fina's new name is Sophie.  She is an energetic,  confident girl who will have lots of space in her new home in western NY.

Fina at 6 weeks.jpg

Fina at 6 weeks.

Fina at 5 weeks.jpg

Fina, at 5 weeks.

Fina at 4 weeks.jpg

Fina, at four weeks, is one of the larger pups and has become one of the pack leaders.  She has a lot of energy and uses it up in the rough-and-tumble play which we are seeing in all the puppies.  Fina is a sweet girl with us and can literally wash faces with her kisses.

Fina 3 weeks.jpg

Rufina, at three weeks, is one of the first to come greet me and try to climb in my lap.  She is finding her voice, initiating play with her siblings and can be a bit feisty at times.  Fina is mid pack in terms of size.

Fina 2 weeks.jpg

Fina, at two weeks of age.  In general, she is a calm, quiet puppy.  Fina is right in the middle of the litter, as far as size goes.

Fina 1 week.jpg

Fina at one week of age.  She is a quiet girl, in the middle of the pack, size wise.


One Day Old

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