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Dark Sable & White           Female

Rue is named for the Marquis de LaFayette. We really wanted another puppy named Rue (Roo in the 2015 litter) so we made the name work. (Rue de LaFayette...get it?)

Rue is a dark sable, with very symmetrical white markings....full collar, four similar stockings and a wider white blaze on her face.  She was the eighth puppy born.

Rue at 1 year.JPG

Rue, at one year old, keeping  watch at Generation Farm in New Hampshire.

Rue at 6 months.

Harvest Moon of Stillwater (Rue) is home with the Stever family at Generation Farm in NH.  Rue has also kept her name and, besides being a loved family member, part of her job will be to help keep “varmints” out of the gardens of the small, certified organic farm for her owners, Marley and James, who are part of a new generation of young farmers, dedicated to sustainability. Rue will work hard all day and cozy up to the fire in the evenings.

Rue will remain Rue.  She is very comfortable sleeping between the tunnel and the fence. More about Rue's new family and home in New Hampshire next week.

Rue weighs 6 lb. 5 oz. at six weeks, which puts her mid-pack in size.  She remains a happy, active puppy.

Rue remains a friendly pup. She can mix it up with her siblings and loves to chase the "stuffie" at the end of the flicker stick.

Rue is becoming quite a friendly girl.  She likes to explore when we are "out and about" but is one of the first to come and climb into laps, when the opportunity arises.

Rue is an active puppy. She eats, sleeps and plays with intensity and isn't afraid to explore new places. One of the smaller pups, Rue has, nonetheless, made good gains in weight since birth. 

Although she is on the smaller side, Rue is one of the "movers and shakers" in this litter. At just two weeks old, she is not afraid to let you know how she feels about things.

Rue at one week.  Rue is one of the smaller pups but she makes up for it in grit.  She also isn't afraid to use her voice!  Interestingly, Rue's litter name is one letter away from her father's litter name....Rune. one day old.

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