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Stillwater Destiny


Littername - Roux

LaRoux  - French for "the red-haired one". Because every litter needs a Roo, Rue or Roux!

Our Roux is a lighter sable and has the most white in the litter, with a wide blaze, full collar and stockings.

She was the seventh puppy born.

Dixie at 11 months Cropped.jpg

Dixie at one year, has fit into the family very well.

Lacy and Dixie 6 months garage crop.jpg

Left...Dixie, at 6 months, with Lacy in the doorway of the garage.  Right...same two, same place.

Dixie at 5 weeks.

Lacy and Roux Garage.jpg
Ginger -6, Dixie -9 wks, Lacy - 9.jpg

Stillwater Destiny......"Dixie"....will remain here with us in Arundel. She is already proving herself a valued member of the family.

Roux at 7 weeks.jpg

At seven weeks, it's evident that Dixie...has inherited her daddy's eyes.  She will be a Maine girl.

Roux at 6 weeks.jpg

Roux at six weeks, with her mother in the background.

Roux at 5 weeks.jpg

Roux, at 5 weeks.

Roux _ 4 weeks.jpg

At four weeks of age, Roux is gaining in confidence and is equally happy to be part of puppy or to sit back and observe the others. Although she remains the smallest pup in the litter, she makes her own decisions and shows some independence.

Roux 3 weeks.jpg

Roux, at three weeks, is one of the smaller, quieter puppies in the litter.  She is willing to join in her siblings' play but will often wait a bit before she does.  Roux is a bit more independent in nature.

Roux 2 weeks.jpg

Roux, at two weeks old, is the smallest pup but that doesn't stop her from having an opinion! She is up on her feet and walking.

Roux 1 week.jpg

Roux at one week of age. She is mid pack, size wise and has the lightest sable color, with the most white in the litter.

Roux 1 day.jpg

One Day Old

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