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Stillwater Rowan

Littername - Read

READ....from Old English "read or reade" for "red". Our Read is a medium sable with a full white collar, white paws and an "island" on his white belly!

He was the fifth puppy born.

Rowan at 1 year.jpeg

Rowan at one year.

Rowan _ 6 months.jpg

Rowan - 6 months - showing off his LONG legs! 

Rowan and the Schaeffer Family.jpg

Stillwater Rowan...."Rowan" now with the Schaeffer Family in NY.  He can look forward to lots of love, learning, and being a part of all family activities.  Rowan is the Schaeffers' second English Shepherd and has some big shoes to fill.  

Read Rowan at 7 weeks.jpg

At seven weeks old, Rowan....has some big ES shoes to fill at his new home in NY.

Read at 6 weeks.jpg

Six week old Read shows that he has a serious side.

Read at 5 weeks.jpg

Read, at 5 weeks.

Read _ 4 weeks.jpg

Four week old Read is now the pack leader in size.  His nature remains on the calm side although he isn't afraid to "mix it up" in puppy play.  Read likes to take in a new situation before he engages. 

Read _ 3 weeks.jpg

Read, at three weeks, is a middle of the road guy.  He will play with his siblings but doesn't initiate things yet.  Like the rest of the litter, Read is very good with us....being held, handled, groomed....he's calm and sweet.  Read is the best eater when it comes to puppy mush!

Read _ 2 weeks.jpg

Read, at two weeks old.  Size-wise, he is in the middle of the pack and is one of the quieter puppies. Read is walking now.

Read 1 week.jpg

Read at one week old.  Read is on the smaller side and already shows the rich red-brown color of his parents.  He, too, is a fairly calm guy.


One Day Old

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