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(Litter Name - Peggy)

Sable & White Female

Tock at 1 year.jpg

Peggy is named for Peggy Schuyler, the third sister.  Peggy is one of the larger puppies right now and is a moderate sable with a full white collar, four white stockings and a snippet of white on her face.  She was the sixth puppy born.

Tock. at one year old, remains "charming" at her home in Vermont.

Tock at 6 months.

Stillwater Sweet Justus’s Tock (Peggy) is home in VT with the Forbes-Sylvester family and will be their second English Shepherd.  Besides helping to run a small farm, Tock will join her new owners on hikes and other outdoor activities, as well as curling up by the fire this winter.

Peggy, whose new name is Tock,  just waking up from her nap in the sun.  More next week on her new family and home in Vermont. 

Peggy was the largest puppy at birth.  At 6 lb., 10 oz., she is mid-pack in weight. Peggy is laid back in general but doesn't take much guff from her littermates.

Peggy is one of the more laid back pups in this group.  She will assess a play situation before joining in, but when she does, she's all in!

Peggy remains a "middle of the pack" puppy....friendly, mellow, happy....although she can hold her own with her siblings when it comes to the rough and tumble play that is happening now.

Peggy remains one of the larger pups for now.  She is middle of the pack in terms of personality, not particularly vocal and fairly mellow.  She is happy to engage in play but equally happy to sleep. Peggy rolls with the punches.

Peggy is a sweet girl. At two weeks, she has opened her eyes to the world and is taking it all in, in her good-natured way. Peggy is one of the larger puppies right now, weighing just over two pounds.

Peggy at one week of age.  She is lightening up and will most likely be a lovely gold sable. At this point, she is a mellow girl. one day old.

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