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Litter Born 5/6/19

Five Males/Three Females

All puppies are currently reserved.

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One of the goals of this pairing was to combine Charlie's easy going personality and more laid back temperament with Ginger's drive and intensity. I'm hoping that this will produce pups of moderate size, inheriting their parents' intelligence, loyalty, and athleticism. They should become well-rounded, versatile partners...on the farm, in the home or in the arena.

GINGER - Old Time Shepherds Ginger of Stillwater -  CGC, RATN, RATO, JHDs

DOB  - October 7, 2012

Sire -Thomas Char-Gin Dersam Boston (Dersam’s Sparkplug x Dersam-Dollard's Ginger)

Dam - Beebe’s ToSa Maggie (Cedar Creek Todd x Beebe’s Cuddles Sassy)

Bred by Sandi Thomas


Ginger is a  six-year old female who lives up to her name, both in color and personality. She is very well balanced, of moderate build and coat, with an intelligent spark in her eyes.  Ginger loves a job! She is extremely athletic, full of energy, with an excellent work ethic and is ready for any activity, whether it is daily chores, a hike or ride in the car or, her personal favorite, hunting critters. When she works, she works hard.  When the job is done, she is happy to cuddle on the couch.

Ginger is trustworthy on our small acreage, actively patrols the property on a regular basis and follows up by keeping quiet watch. Her energy, intensity and independence belie a sweet, affectionate, nurturing nature. She is a registered therapy dog and makes regular nursing home visits. Ginger is extremely biddable and willing to please, is trustworthy around stock and has earned titles in Barn Hunt and herding. She is respectful of people and other dogs.

This will be Ginger’s third litter.



Hips - PennHIP 0.40/0.33; OFA - Good

MDR1 n/n

PRA-prcd, CEA and DM - Normal

Color - Shaded sable with Irish white markings

Size - Height - 19 inches   

          Weight - 45 lbs

Registrations -  ESCR - ESC-2000

                         UKC - P721-474

CHARLIE - Shepherd's Way Buckeye Charlie, CGC

DOB – March 21, 2015           

Sire - Husted's Trip to Johnny Cash….."Cash"

                          (Pisano's Cruisin' Reno of Joy x Z-Best Tally Babe of Joy)

Dam - Shepherd's Way Elfin Enchantress……"Pixie"

                          (Carrington-Gray's Elvis x Shepherd's Way Sunshine Daydream)

Bred by Mary Peaslee

Owned by Leesa Joiner


Charlie is a four-year old shaded sable male, who lives in southern Maine, with his family and one other English Shepherd. He has a happy temperament, is friendly to humans of all sizes and loves other dogs. Intelligent and easy to train, he is extremely biddable and eager to please. Charlie is of moderate build, lean and very athletic, loves to run, jump, hike and play in the snow. He is a registered therapy dog.  Charlie is great at keeping an eye on young children, and will circle around any who wander away. He is protective of his home and family, alerting to strangers and keeping a watchful eye over things.  He is very good at assessing situations and adjusting his behavior accordingly and, when activities are over, has an excellent "off" switch. Although he hasn't had a lot of exposure to stock, Charlie comes from working lines and shows the intuitive, thinking personality which is inherent in English Shepherds.

This will be Charlie's first litter.



HIPS           OFA Good

MDR1         N/N

PRA-prcd, CEA - Normal by pedigree

Color - Shaded Sable

Size – Height – 22 1/2 inches

          Weight – 50 lbs.

Registrations – ESCR  - ESC 4292

                         UKC - P782-595


CHARLIE FACTOID:  Charlie is descended from his owner, Leesa Joiner's, first two English Shepherds....Joiner's Chooch and Joiner's Chelsea. 

He is their grandson.

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