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Stillwater Gilly Maya


Gilroy comes from Scotland and means "Red Haired". Gilroy is a bit of a stretch for a girl.....hence, "Gilly". She is a dark sable, with a full white collar, white snip on her forehead and white paws.

Gilly was the third puppy born.

Sheila and Maya.jpg

Stillwater Gilly Maya..."Maya" at home in Maine with Sheila Beal.  She now has new collie "siblings", several acres for play, activities to look forward to and lots of love.

Gilly Maya at 7 Weeks.jpg name 7 weeks.  Maya's new home is in Maine.

Gilly at 6 weeks.jpg

Gilly at 6 weeks, is a friendly girl.

Gilly _ 5 weeks.jpg

Gilly, at 5 weeks.

Gilly at 4 weeks.jpg

At 4 weeks of age, Gilly remains one of the quieter pups.  She is willing to engage with her siblings and will sometimes initiate play but is also satisfied to be on the sidelines. Like her siblings, she is very good with people. Gilly is one of the larger puppies.

Gilly 3 weeks.jpg

Gilly, at three weeks, is a quiet girl.  She is willing to interact with her littermates and initiates play occasionally.  Gilly's coat is lightening up a bit but she is still one of the darkest pups in this bunch.  Gilly is on the smaller side.

Gilly 2 weeks.jpg

Gilly, at two weeks, is generally a quiet girl, although she is not afraid to express her opinion, if needed.  

Gilly 1 week.jpg

Gilly at one week of age.  She is currently the second largest in the  litter and has the darkest coat.  Gilly has a quiet, calm sense about her.


One Day Old

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