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Stillwater Birch of Echo Valley

Litter Name - Griffith

Griffith is from the Old Welsh "Gruffydd" meaning "Red Haired", (possibly based on the Latin "rufus".)

Griff is a dark sable with a dark face,  white tummy, paws and a tiny white spot on his neck.

Griff is Charlie and Ginger's first born.

Birch at 1 year toys.jpg
Birch at 1 year ocean.jpg
Birch at 1 year hike.jpg

Birch at 1 year old., stays active in Maine.

Birch at 6 months crop.jpeg

Birch at 6 months.

Birch and Angel.jpg

Stillwater Birch of Echo Valley..."Birch"..can look forward to lots of activity, including some time with sheep, as he heads to his new life with Angel Waters in Maine.

Griff Birch at 7 Weeks.jpg

Griff's new call name is Birch. At seven weeks, he is a love, very smart and ready for his new home in Maine.

Griff at 6 weeks.jpg

Griff at 6 weeks.

Griff - 5 weeks.jpg

Griff, at 5 weeks.

Griff at 4 weeks.jpg

At four weeks old, Griffith is one of the smaller  puppies.  A quiet guy, he has become a real sweetheart and a favorite of visitors. Griff engages with his siblings, often watching the action before joining in.

Griff 3 weeks.jpg

Griffith, at three weeks, has settled in nicely.  Being one of the smaller pups doesn't stop him from being first in a number of ways.  He was first to open his eyes, get up on his feet to walk  and  first to crawl or walk away from his bed to potty. 

In general, he is one of the quieter pups but is willing to engage with his siblings. Griff is a sweet boy who likes to give kisses.

Griff 2 weeks.jpg

Griff, at two weeks old.  He is on the smaller side but is gaining all the time.  His size doesn't stop him from being one of the first to a meal. Griff was the first puppy to try getting up on his feet. 

Griff 1 week.jpg

Griff at one week old,  He is currently the smallest pup in the litter, although not by much.  He has doubled his weight since birth.  Griff is one of the more active, vocal pups.


One Day  Old

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