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Stillwater English Shepherds

Old Time Shepherds Ginger of Stillwater
 DOB 10-7-12  UKC P721-474  ESC 2000  19"  40 lb.
 PennHIP:  L-0.40/R-0.33   OFA  Good
Normal/Normal for MDR1, PRA-prcd, CEA and DM


GINGER - Ginger is our second ES, also shaded sable and white, and, at nine years old, is living up to all our expectations.  She is intelligent, sweet natured, and very athletic.   Ginger has passed Basic Obedience,  earned her Canine Good Citizen award, is started in agility, Noseworks, is registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and makes weekly visits to a local nursing home.  She has earned her Junior Herding Dog title in herding, as well as her Novice and Open titles in Barn Hunt.  Ginger is the self appointed property manager for our small acreage and regularly patrols "her" territory. She loves to be involved with whatever task is at hand!

Ginger has produced three beautiful litters of puppies.

Winter 2013  

Just arrived from Oregon!

Winter 2015

On the Eastern Trail in Maine!


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