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(Litter Name - George)

   Sable & White Male

George is named for two men who figured heavily in our early history...King George III and George Washington, our first president, which is significant as George was the first puppy born.  He is medium sable with a full white collar, white front stockings and a dark face.  The sliver of white on his face will disappear.

Nash _ One Year.jpg

Nash at one year old, has grown into a handsome guy and, according to his owner, is an "awesome" companion. 

Nash at 6 months.

Stillwater English Nash II (George) went home with the Thomson family of PA.  Nash is his owner, Glenn’s, third ES and is named in honor of the first one, a dog from his youth.  Our Nash will have acres to roam in, lots of outdoor activities and may learn to hunt for sheds.

George, whose new name is Nash, is keeping an eye on his siblings.  Next week, more on his new family and home in Pennsylvania.

George, at 6 lb., 9 oz., is in the middle of the pack for size.  He is always ready to play, explore or just give kisses.

George is a happy puppy who is ready for anything! Playing, exploring, name it...he'll be there. 

George is growing into a friendly guy....and an escape artist!  He managed to get himself out of the nighttime pen and was upset when all the other puppies were having a snack and he wasn't!

George's personality is emerging!  He is one who initiates...and responds and he has found his voice and his chutzpah. He went nose to nose with Aunt Lacy and wasn't afraid to let her know what he thought!  George, while not one of the larger puppies, had quadrupled his birth weight.

Here's our George, at two weeks. Still a quiet guy, he is in the middle of the pack, size wise and is content to spend his time eating and sleeping.

George at one week of age.  He has a very distinctive look about him and so far, has been on the quiet side. day old.

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