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Wettemann Farm Finnegan of Stillwater

Litter Name - Finn


Finn in Irish means "Red Haired".  Our Finn is a dark sable and has a full white collar with a sharp curve in it.  Finn was the fourth puppy born.

Finnegan at one year.

Finn at 6 months.jpg

Finnegan at 6 months old.

Wettemanns, Finn and Read.jpg

Wettemann Farm Finnegan of Stillwater...."Finnegan" lives on the Wettemann Farm in CT with his owner, Mary Ellen and family.  Finnegan's new life includes cows, horses, chickens.....acres to help supervise...and a ES big brother, Clancy, to show him the ropes. (Finnegan is on the left in the pic.)

Finnegan at 7 weeks.jpg

Finn, now Finnegan, at seven weeks, looking forward to his new home on a long held family farm in  Connecticut.

Finn at 6 weeks.jpg

Six week old Finn.

Finn at 5 weeks.jpg

Finn, at 5 weeks.

Finn at 4 weeks.jpg

Four week old Finn is one of the larger puppies and is gaining in self confidence.  He engages his siblings in play and, in any disagreements, often wins. At this point, Finn is one of the larger pups. One of the leaders among his brothers and sisters, he is very sweet with us.

Finn _ 3 weeks.jpg

Finn, at three weeks, is mid pack in size and gaining confidence.  He likes to initiate play with his siblings and can be a bit pushy with them. Finn is friendly and calm when interacting with us, gives kisses, doesn't mind being handled, having his nails clipped, etc. and  is a good eater!

Finn 2 weeks.jpg

Finn, at two weeks of age.  He is up on his legs and exploring his surroundings. Finn is middle of the pack in terms of size.

Finn 1 week.jpg

Finn at one week of age.  He is one of the larger puppies and is also one of the more mellow boys.  He doesn't fuss very much.


One Day Old

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