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Sable & White Female

Eliza is named for Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, one of the three sisters. She is the wife of the main character.  Eliza is a medium sable with a dark mask on her face and a narrow but full collar.  The fourth one born, she is already showing an independent side of her personality.


Sadly, Rose Eliza was lost at the age of 1, in a tragic traffic accident.  This is one of my favorite pics of her, at 4 weeks, already "watching" her world.

Rose Eliza at One Year.JPG

Rose Eliza, at one year old, is queen of Meadowlark Rise Farm, near Montreal, CA.  According to her folks, she keeps close watch on all the farm activities and doesn't sit still very long.

Rose Eliza at 6 months.

Reeves Eliza of Stillwater (Eliza) has gone home with the Reeves/Olsen family to live near Montreal in Canada.  Still Eliza, she will be the resident English Shepherd at Meadowlark Rise Farm, a large organic vegetable farm owned and operated by her new owner, Justin, but will also get to spend time with his mom, Randi, who lives close by. 

Eliza, who will remain Eliza, is all tuckered out.  Next week, more about her new home in Ontario, Canada.

Although not the largest puppy, at 6 lb., 8 oz., Eliza is undoubtedly the pack leader.

Eliza remains the quiet leader of this group.  Although not the largest any more, she is a confident, thoughtful puppy, who not only likes to explore but also any interaction with us.

Eliza is a sweetie!  She has grown more affectionate as the weeks have passed. Still an independent soul, she is always ready for a cuddle and kisses.  

Eliza is one of the largest puppies and, at this point, the leader of this "pack".  She is quick to explore and shows an independence reminiscent of her mother.....often doing her "own thing". Eliza has a very sweet nature and enjoys cuddling.

Eliza is a lover...and a big girl! At two weeks old, she shares the title of largest in the litter with her sister, Theodosia.  Eliza was one of the first to open her eyes and also to give puppy kisses.

Eliza at one week.  She has already started to show her independence. She looks very much like her mother did as a puppy... same color and similar markings.

Eliza at one day of age.

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