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Stillwater Sam

Littername - Derry

Derry is Gaelic for "red haired".

Our Derry is a lighter sable, with a white patch on his neck and white paws.  He was the last puppy born.

Sam and Gracie at one year Kong.JPG

Sam at one year with his big BC sister, Gracie.

SAM - 6 MONTHS crop.jpg

Sam, at 6 months, with BC sister, Gracie.

David Rudin and Sam.jpg
Derry Sam at 7 weeks.jpg

Stillwater Sam...."Sam" lives with the Rudin Family in Colorado.  Rocky Mountain hiking, biking, as well as herding fun are in his future.  He also now has a BC big sister, Gracie, for play and companionship.

Linda and Sam.jpg

Sam and Linda Gatchell, his wonderful pet transporter, starting on his journey from Maine to Colorado.  Pet Transport By Linda worked out very well!

Derry, now Sam....will have the longest journey of the litter when he heads to his new home in Colorado.

Derry at 6 weeks.jpg

Derry at six weeks, likes to explore.  He is a confident puppy.

Derry at 5 weeks.jpg

Derry, at 5 weeks.

Derry at 4 weeks.jpg

At four weeks of age, Derry is no longer the largest pup, being surpassed by his brother, Read. Very self confident, Derry is quite happy to explore new places and meet new people. He loves to snuggle with us.

Derry 3 weeks.jpg

Derry, at three weeks, is a confident, independent puppy.  He is still the largest one in the litter and his size, along with his personality, contribute to his role as Team Leader. Derry is an observant puppy, often being the first to notice something new in his environment. He is very calm and mellow with us. 

Derry 2 weeks.jpg

Derry, at two weeks old.  He is still the largest puppy, although his littermates are catching up.  So far, Derry displays a calm, laid back personality.  He is a quiet guy.

Derry 1 week.jpg

Derry at one week of age. Right now, he is the largest puppy in the litter.  Derry is a sweetheart, often content to just cuddle.


One Day Old

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