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Ullr's Side

Ginger's Side

McVaugh's Charlie

Dersam-Dollard's Ginger

"Charlie was a wonderful companion dog. He  only worked with our steers for herding/helping. He had a wonderful disposition and was great with kids. He also produced some nice working pups." (Owner's description)

"Ginger was an extraordinary dog.  Sweet, gentle, biddable, calm...she loved everyone. Ginger produced some wonderful pups."(Owner's description)

Boss is the head chore assistant and "Jack of All Trades" on his owner's cattle ranch in Oregon, helping with everything from moving the cows to watching the kids. 

Thomas Char-Gin Dersam Boston


Maggie is an easy going, friendly girl who also helps out on the Oregon cattle ranch. She is eager to please, easy to correct and trustworthy.

Beebe's ToSa Maggie

All pictures and descriptions used with permission.

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