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Sable & White Male

Burr at One Year Old.jpg
Burr is named for Aaron Burr, contemporary of Hamilton and Vice-President under Thomas Jefferson. He is a medium sable color with a white strip on his face and a small white patch on the back of his neck. He has the most sable color of the litter and was the fifth puppy born.

Burr at one year old on his farm in northern Vermont. He helps with his owners' Highland cattle and hangs out with their LGD. 

Burr (Burton) at his new home on a farm in northern VT.  Here he is at 8 months with his mother, Ginger. who was visiting.

Burton at 6 months.

Burton Island of Stillwater (Burr) headed home to VT with the Smith-Miodownik family.  He will be part of a large, active family to watch over and play with. His owners, Tam and Derek, and their four children, are looking forward to including Burton in their many adventures.  He may also get to meet several other English Shepherds in the area.

Burr, whose new name is Burton, is catching some Zs after playing. Next week, more about his new family and home in Vermont.

At 6 lb., 12 oz., Burr is mid-pack in size.  He is a solid, athletic boy...just like his mom.

Burr is a solid boy who is already showing his mother's athleticism.  He is growing more confident in his surroundings, exploring further each time we go out. He's also observant and is very aware of what we are doing

Burr, at one month, is gaining in independence.  He is a fairly quiet puppy but doesn't hesitate to show his siblings that he wants to be the leader. He likes to explore and his nose is always on the ground!

Burr is proving to be a sweet, easy going guy. He likes to be held, gives the best kisses and is on the quiet side. He is willing to play with his siblings but, at this point, doesn't start things. Burr has tripled in weight since birth.

Burr, at two weeks, is an easy going guy. He is one of the larger puppies, at this point, weighing over two pounds.

Burr at one week.  He is one of the bigger puppies and isn't shy about getting to the milk bar.

Burr at one day old.

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