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Littername - Augusta  "Gus"

Male     Black/Seal with minor white

Augusta, located on the banks of the historic Kennebec River, is Maine's capitol....and Jack's hometown. 

Gus weighs 7 pounds, 4 oz. at 6 weeks of age. Like Roo and Cady, his coat is showing more brown.

Gus 's middle name is "Oh, boy...what can I get into now?" He's a curious, active, bossy, loving guy who always has a knowing look in his eyes.

More information next week about Gus's new home in western NY. Chief….is living in western New York with the McVaugh family, who owned and bred his grandfather, Charlie, as well as a number of other relatives. Chief will have some cows and kids to look after and is joining the family's three other English Shepherds, who will certainly teach him the ropes!

Chief, at 6 months old, after being interrupted at a play session. He's doing well in western NY.

Chief looks a lot like his sire.

The most current picture of Chief. He is 9 months old here.

Cbief at almost 2.  He is a sweet tempered guy, at home with both the kids and the cows.

Gus is a sweetheart of a puppy!  He is in the middle of the pack, size wise, and is a fairly quiet guy.  He's a nuzzler.

Gus found his voice this week!  I think his ES calling will be as the "Fun Police"....sort of like his Aunt Lacy.  He can growl and bark with the best of them and just doesn't back down from the rough play...often initiates it.  When picked up or handled, though, he is a mellow guy and, like the rest of his siblings, plays "kissy face."


Gus was the sixth puppy born and is one of the "Ullr Three" although, as the days go by, I see more brown tones in his coat.

Gus is a real sweetheart! He's very laid back and easy going, loves to sleep on top of his siblings and is willing to give puppy kisses!

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