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Oak Pond Auburn of Stillwater


Sable/White Female

 "Burnie" is named for the city of Auburn, where Chris taught for several years. Auburn is located on the Androscoggin River in central Maine. 

Burnie, at almost 2, is a cuddle bug and has fit right in with her family, who "are very much in love with her".

Burnie, at 10 months, makes herself right at home!  She is very much a part of her loving family. In her owner's words "she is the perfect match for us!"

At six months old, Burnie enjoys a sunny nap with her ES "sister", Zuzu. Burnie has done very well in Puppy and Obedience classes and has adjusted quite nicely to her new family, who say, "We are so happy with this little cuddle-love bug!"

Burnie is keeping her name when she goes to live with the very active Pizzo family in South China, Maine. Burnie is the second English Shepherd for the family and will count on "big sister" Zuzu to teach her the “ES Ropes”.   Burnie is seen here with her new BF, Gabi, who will have to share her with two brothers.

Burnie is brave! She'll investigate whatever interests her...including following her mother up a woodpile after a mouse...and she'll "talk back" to her Aunt Lacy.  She is still an independent thinker but will come running for "cuddles".

More about Burnie's new home in Maine next week.


At 6 weeks, Burnie weighs 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

Burnie is emerging as an independent, self-sufficient girl.  She can hold her own in ...and often initiates.....the rough and tumble play that we are now seeing in the litter.  She has a voice, growling and barking at her brothers and sisters but is also content to be held and give sweet puppy kisses.

At three weeks, Burnie is showing some independence.  She is one of the first to wake, loves to lie with her head under something, will go off to explore is beginning to play with the toys in the pen.


Burnie is a  sweet little girl who, at two weeks, is trying hard to get up on her feet to walk.  She's a wiggler when picked up and, at this point, is one of the smallest in the litter.  Burnie was the second puppy born.

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