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Barrett Hill Nilla of Stillwater


Littername - Aroostook


Seal/Minor White

Aroostook County is the largest and most northern in Maine. Our family has enjoyed countless days of camping, canoeing, hunting, ice fishing and rafting in the wilds of "The County".

Nilla at 22 months, is the spitting image of her sire.

Nilla, at 10 months. Her owner's comments are "Nilla is an exceptional girl, wins the hearts of all the family-yet reserved with strangers. Which is what we prefer. A constant companion and tries to please. She has "pluck " and is in training with the daily chores. Guarding a gate or doorway to prevent escapees, gradually walking up to the cows to move them with us, and trying to refrain from chasing the ducks.Her coat has high luster with strong long stands-shedding had not been an issue. She weighs about 48-50 and is all muscle, loves to play and interact. Enjoys fetching and I feel displays sense of humor. Wish more people could be like her!"

"Nilla Five" at six months, showing her resemblence to her sire but her mother's love of the water. Nilla is the fifth ES owned by the LeClairs, all with the same name, hence the "Five". She has adapted very well to life on a large farm.

Here is Nilla...with her new BF, Vernon LeClair. She will be living with the LeClair family and will help keep order on their large farm in New Hampshire.  Barrett Hill Farm has been in the Davis-LeClair family for five generations and was a King’s Grant in 1752 and, as a working farm, is older than our country. Nilla will not only help with the livestock but should keep the varmints out of their many acres of fruits and vegetables. The LeClairs have had English Shepherds for many years and Nilla is the fifth ES with this name, making her Nilla 5.

Roo (new name Nilla) has gained in size, drive and energy in the last few weeks.  She's very interested in her surroundings and is eager to explore when she has the chance.  Roo loves to chase the lure when we play, proving that she has inherited some of her mother's prey drive.  She's equally good at hanging out, showing her ES off switch.

More about Nilla's new home in NH next week.


Roo weighs in at 7 pounds, 10 oz. at 6 weeks of age. She continues to show more brown in her coat.

Roo remains one of the quieter puppies in the litter, although she doesn't back down when "attacked" in the puppy play which is happening now.  She is very affectionate.

Quiet Roo is a sweet girl who pretty much stays with the pack.  At this point, she doesn't like being off on her own and loves to be held and cuddled. Roo's coat is still dark with hints of brown (seal).


Roo  was the first puppy born.  She is a sweet girl who snuggles when picked up. Roo will probably be seal colored, as evidenced by the brown sheen to her coat and the brown in her 'bloomers".  Roo, like four of her siblings, inherited her Daddy's minimal white pattern,. She has a white tummy with an "island" in the middle of it, along with some white toes. She's going to be a charmer!

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