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Sable & White Female

Angelica is named for Angelica Schuyler, one of three sisters who figure heavily in the plot.  She is a lighter sable and has the most white in the litter. Angelica was the seventh puppy born.
Angelica at one year.jpg

A nice composite of Angelica "Jelly", at a year old. Her owner says she is a real sweetheart, loves riding in the truck and hanging out with her ES buds.

Angelica, at 6 months, relaxing with her BFF, Ezra.

Stannard Mountain Angelica of Stillwater (Angelica) went home to VT with the Sibley family. She has kept her name and will have her new owners, Bob and Susan, their family, including four grandchildren and two other English Shepherds as part of her new home.  The Sibleys have a maple syrup business and Angelica will have lots of space (100 acres of VT maple forest) in which to play and roam.

Angelica, who will keep her name, relaxing in the November sun.  Next week, more about her new family and home in Vermont.

At 5 lbs, 11 oz, Angelica doesn't let her smaller size stop her at all.  She is an active, happy puppy.

Angelica is becoming more active, both with her siblings and out and about.  She is the most persistent pup when we play with the flicker "stuffie" and loves to catch and shake it.

Angelica, at four weeks old, is a fairly quiet girl.  She is mid-pack in terms of size and personality....happy to do what everyone else is doing....unless she's hungry.  Then she tells you about it!

Angelica is one of the smaller, quieter puppies in this litter.  She was also one of the first to use the newspaper to potty!  Angelica has made gains since birth, quadrupling her weight.

Angelica, at two weeks old, has opened her eyes, is toddling around and is one of the smaller puppies, at this point.  She is a mellow girl.

Angelica at one week of age. So far, she is one of the quieter puppies.

One day old.

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