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Dersam-Dollard's Mitzi of Stillwater


Female - Black/ White -Irish Pattern

Amity is a small town in Aroostook County.

Mitzi at 17 months....a Black and White version of her mother!

At 1 year old,Mitzi is a happy girl, who gets along with everyone but is protective of her family when needed.  She is on the smaller side, well built, with a silky coat. A well seasoned traveler, Mitzi is learning to hunt for "sheds". 

 At six months. Mitzi has proven to be very adaptable, adjusting to everything her family has asked of her, including a move across the country. According to her owner, she's "remarkable, really very remarkable!"

Mitzi will keep her name and be living with Debbie and Mick Dollard in western NY. Debbie owned and bred Mitzi’s grandmother, Ginger, among other relatives. Mitzi looks a lot like her gr. gr. gr. grandmother, Molly, and will get lessons on being a good English Shepherd from her 
Aunt Honey.

Mitzi is a happy puppy...and she shows it all the time! She runs everywhere, plays hard, pays attention to what's going on, is very affectionate and sometimes ends up where she shouldn't....such as stuck under the front porch with her brother, Gus! 

Mitzi will be living in western NY....more details next week.

At 6 weeks, Mitzi weighs 7 pounds, 7 ounces. 

Mitzi continues to march to her own drummer. She is willing to explore..both inside the house and out...and is persistent when she finds something she likes. She is affectionate and one of the first to come to greet me when I go into their pen.

Mitzi likes to play!  She is a vocal little girl who tries to engage her littermates in the puppy rough housing which is happening now.  She is very aware of her surroundings and one of the first ones to  focus on a new sound.


Mitzi was the last puppy born, a full hour after the others. She is in the middle, size wise, and is a fairly quiet puppy, although she takes a little while to settle when picked up. I have a feeling that she will be a quiet but determined little girl.

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