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Female    Sable and White

Irish White Pattern

The Allagash River is the heart of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, protected by law and a canoeist's delight.  Running north near the Maine-Canadian border, its 92 miles of river, lakes, streams and portages take five days to navigate. Jack and I have canoed this beautiful river twice.

Allie at 1 year.

Allie's owner reports that she has inherited her mom's intelligence and intensity and both are being put to good use on their homestead in Vermont.  Allie is learning to herd in nearby New Hampshire and just may get some new goats for her first birthday! Like her mother, she loves the water!

Allie at four months, after a swim in the river. She kept her litter name and will have a longer, registered name soon.

Allie...potentially still Allie!... will have her own veterinarian when she goes to live with Dr. Miriam Horowitz, along with her husband, Bill, and their two young children on their homestead in Vermont. Allie will be helping with varmint control, keeping track of the stock and playing with Lena and Ben!

Allie is a friendly, affectionate girl who has lots of energy!  She is observant, interested in her surroundings, a great climber and just a happy little puppy! 

Allie will be living in VT...more info next week.

At 6 weeks of age, Allie weighs 7 pounds, 5 oz.  In this pic, she shows the "side look" often worn by her grandfather, Boston...and her mother!

Allie is very aware of her surroundings, noticing a new sound or movement ahead of her littermates.  She is a confident girl who is willing to engage in puppy roughhousing or be off by herself, playing with toys. Allie is willing to explore new far, they've been outside on grass, dirt, decking, and the big dog houses.

At three weeks, Allie continues to be a leader.  She was the first to climb out of the whelping box, prompting me to raise the bar.  She will boldly explore new areas and isn't afraid of her Aunt Lacy, who is her look alike. Allie has a knowing look about her and will initiate play with her siblings.


Allie was the fifth puppy born and, even at two weeks, is showing some strength of character, like the river for which she is named. I predict that she will be the leader of this litter. She can be a sweetheart when she's picked up and cuddled, giving little baby puppy kisses! 

Allie, like her sisters, Burnie and Mitzi, inherited her mother's Irish white pattern. She will be the darker of the two sable girls.

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