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Littername - Alfred    "Fredo"

Male - Shaded Sable with Minor White

Alfred is the county seat of York County, the southern most of Maine's sixteen counties...and where we live.

Ulfr, at two, has grown into a handsome guy. His name is pronounced ULL-fer, like PULL-fer, without the P.

Ulfr, at 21 months, lives with his owner,Micah; his sire, Ullr; and his lab mix "sister", Susie, here in Maine. He has grown up to be a very athletic, loveable and happy guy.

Ulfr at about 6 months.

Ulfr, at four months, enjoying the Northeast English Shepherd Gathering. He had a blast, playing with so many "big dogs"!

Ulfr loves his Dad!


Fredo, now Ulfr, is going to live with his dad, Ullr, in Windham, Maine. Ulfr means "wolf" in Norwegian and he may end up looking like a wolf. Ulfr will have his dad, his owner, Micah, and another family dog, Susie, to keep him company.

Fredo has been a leader in the litter right from the start.  He is confident, affectionate, energetic and smart! Fredo is a people puppy...he comes running to greet us.

More about Fredo's new home in Maine next week.

Fredo weighs 8 pounds, 11 oz at 6 weeks of age.

Fredo loves his food!  Now that the puppies are starting on soft food, he is one of the last ones to leave the bowl and makes sure he cleans right up, often pushing his siblings out of the way. He is very affectionate, and always comes to greet me. He's also a nuzzler! In the seemingly rough puppy play, though, he can hold his own.




At three weeks, Fredo continues his litter leadership role.  He is often the first to initiate play, pawing and growling at his littermates.  He was the first to be up on his feet and, now that he's more steady on those feet, uses them explore the puppies' new spaces. Fredo is a sweety, though, and will snuggle right up.


Fredo was the third puppy born and, when he arrived, I thought he might be black and tan. However, it became apparent fairly soon that his coat is a rich, mahogany brown.  He does have "tan points" so it will be interesting to watch him grow. I"m sure he'll be a handsome dude. Fredo is one of the largest puppies in the litter and already showing some leadership.  He was the first one to "walk" and is usually first to the milk bar when his mother arrives.

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