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ALBION   "Alby"

Male - Shaded Sable with Minor White


Albion is a quiet little community east of Waterville.  It is in the heart of what I call Maine farm country - rolling hills, wide fields. It is also close to Unity - site of the Common Ground Fair, (Maine Organic Farmers) and where our son, Jeff, went to college. Cody...will be living with the Gerardi family on their homestead in Dexter, Maine. Cody means "helper" in Gaelic, which is appropriate as he'll have sheep, chickens and some heifers to help tend. He’ll also have two great new friends, Ann and Jana.

Alby is a laid back guy who has gained in size in the last few weeks.  He has a definite English Shepherd "off switch" and can often be found hanging out under the shrubs or the barn to cool off in the heat. 

Alby will be living in Maine...more details next week.

Alby has gained some ground in the size department.  At 6 weeks, he is the second largest in the litter at 7 pounds, 14 oz.


Alby is a peach of a puppy!  He is on the quiet side, very cuddly but has more than enough gumption to stand up to his rambunctious siblings when things get rowdy.  Alby comes running eagerly when I go into their pen,  enjoys cuddling (read puppy kisses!) and always has a knowing look on his face. He is going to be one handsome dude!

Alby -at three weeks of age -has an easy going personality thus far, although he is willing to "get into it" when playing with his siblings.  He can growl and bark with the best of them.  He enjoys being handled and is willing to explore on his own.


Alby was the seventh puppy born and, like his brother,Fredo, appeared to be a black and tan.  It's obvious that he's not and it will be very interesting to see how his appearance develops.  He has white toes and some white on his belly, chest and throat, as well as a tiny bit on his face but I'm sure that will disappear.  Alby is a real sweetheart! He's very loving and snuggles right up when held.  He is the smallest of the litter.

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