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   Lacy - Basic Obedience.

           Advanced Obedience,

           CDSP - Competition Obedience

           Canine Good Citizen at 5 months

  Ginger - Basic Obedience

           Canine Good Citizen at 8 months


Both Lacy and Ginger are involved in Noseworks, a sport where they have to find hidden scented objects.  They both have incredible noses but right now, Lacy is the more disciplined of the two, hunting methodically until she finds the "find".  She has earned her L1V (Vehicle Search) title.

   AGILITY CLASSES    Both dogs

  Intro. to Agility and Basic Agility

  Both showed interest and ability        but we're pursuing other interests    right now. 



Both Lacy and Ginger are registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  We regularly visit a local nursing home and are involved with an after school reading program for reluctant readers in a nearby town.


We travel to New Hampshire for herding lessons and all three of us are learning!  Both Lacy and Ginger are very interested in stock and show good herding instincts and balance.  Of all the activities we've tried, this one is the hardest...and the best!  Ginger has earned her Junior Herding Dog title.

BARN HUNT Barn Hunt is a newly sanctioned UKC sport for all dogs, particularly vermin hunters like English Shepherds.  With her high prey drive, Ginger has had good success at BH and now holds two titles in the sport, RATN (Novice),RATO (Open) and is working toward RATS (Senior). Lacy has also earned her RATN and RATO titles.


Camping, boating, ice fishing, hiking, playing Frisbee and ball...more info and pics about these soon!

Ginger searches the bales for the hidden tubes.

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