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Littername - Acadia


Seal with minor white

Acadia is the heart of Down East Maine. Rocky coasts; stunning ocean views; a myriad of islands....the largest of which is Mt. Desert Island...are found in this beautiful area.  Our daughter, Taryn, worked on "The Island" during college and our son, Jeff, and his wife, Jen, now call this part of Maine home.

Ivy, at two, is a kind, loving girl who keeps watch over her family and farm. She is obedient and easy going with everyone. 

Even as a puppy, Ivy had a kind demeanor and a wise look about her. At two, she still does.

 Ivy (potentially Stillwater English Ivy) at about 8-9 months, doing very well on her family's farm in Downeast Maine. 

At six weeks old, Cady is in the middle of the pack at 7 pounds, 8 oz. More brown is showing up in her coat.

Cady is a well-balanced little puppy. She is a lovely combination of energy, affection and curiosity. She plays hard but has a nice "off switch" when it's time to stop and always looks at you with very knowing eyes!

She will remain a Maine dog....more details next week.

Cady will be living near her namesake, Acadia, when she goes to live with the Freudig family on their farm on Mt. Desert Island in Maine. Besides keeping order among the goats, chickens and ducks, she’ll have five children as playmates, including Emma,who got to come pick her up. 


At three weeks old, Cady is the largest puppy in the litter. She is an easy going girl so far, willing to go along with whatever's going on. Young as she is, she already has those English Shepherd wise eyes! 

Cady has relinquished the role of largest pup to her brother, Fredo, but she is still a good sized, well balanced girl.  Generally very affable, Cady has no trouble putting an overzealous sibling in its place! She is observant and watchful and gives warm, sloppy nuzzles!


Cady is the biggest female puppy in the litter, only surpassed in size by Fredo.  She was the fourth puppy born and is one of the "Ullr Three"...all of whom look  like their daddy. Of the three, Cady's coat is the most black, without the hint of brown of the other two. Cady is very easy going and sweet, snuggling when held, but can be determined force when the "bar" is open!

She is going to be a stunning girl, like the beautiful area for which she is named.

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