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Stillwater English Shepherds

Stillwater English Shepherds are located in southern Maine, in the coastal town of Arundel.  We have been involved with this versatile breed since 2009 and currently own two, Lacy (Stillwater English Lace) and Ginger (Old Time Shepherds Ginger of Stillwater) and right now, that's plenty!   Relatively new to English Shepherds, we are nonetheless enthusiastic about this wonderful breed. 


CHRIS  - Head ES cheerleader, chief cook and bowl-washer, caretaker and trainer.  A retired educator, she is an avid gardener, singer and knitter, mother and grandmother, as well as dog lover.

JACK  - Chief putterer, problem solver, recycler, ice fisherman. Retired from educational and municipal administration, he is also a bus driver extraordinaire, educational consultant and organizer supreme.

OUR FAMILY - Our children - Todd (Deena, Colby and Tyler) ; Taryn;  Jeff (Jen and Laura) - are grown and on their own but live close enough that we are able to see them frequently.

Lacy, Ginger and Dixie LOVE all of them!!



Roux at 5 weeks.jpg
Dixie, Ginger, Lacy Cropped.jpg
Dixie at 11 months Cropped.jpg
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