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Wyeth x Allie

   Seven Pups 


March 23, 2021

Puppies at 6 weeks.JPG
Wyeth and Allie  June 2109.jpeg

All puppies are reserved and headed for new homes.

UPDATE: Seven healthy pups arrived on March 23rd.

Announcing a planned litter between Stillwater Allagash of Flying Bird Farm..."ALLIE"... and Center Farm Wyeth Beckwith...."WYETH"... both working English Shepherds in Vermont. This pairing should produce intelligent, sound, well-tempered and loyal working partners.

ALLIE      Stillwater Allagash of Flying Bird Farm

Allie is a five-year-old shaded sable female English Shepherd, who lives and works on her owner's farm in eastern Vermont.  Allie's responsibilities include moving and protecting her owner's 20+ goat herd, chickens, ducks and alpacas.  She alerts to strangers, is trustworthy with other dogs and people and is protective of the family's two young children. Allie has an excellent work ethic, always ready to help and is an indispensible member of the farm family. She is of moderate size, 20" tall and 40 lbs. This will be Allie's second litter.


Sire:           Quittner's Ullr   ESC-3088

                              (McVaugh's Charlie x Dersam-Dollard's Ginger)

                                     Bred by Debbie Dollard

Dam:         Old Time Shepherd's Ginger of Stillwater   ESC- 2000, P721-474

                       (Thomas' Char-Gin Dersam Boston x Beebe's ToSa Maggie)

                                     Bred by Sandi Thomas

DOB:         June 3, 2015


       Hips: OFA Good

       MDR1:  n/n by pedigree and testing (EMBARK)

       EYES:  OFA CAER  Clear

       CEA, PRA-prcd, DM: -All Clear (EMBARK)



        English Shepherd Club Registry       ESC-5495

        United Kennel Club                             P784-997

Bred by:  Chris Turcotte


WYETH     Center Farm Wyeth Beckwith, CGC

Wyeth is a five-year-old tricolor male English Shepherd, who lives and works on his owners' goat farm in northern Vermont.  Wyeth helps manage the herd of nearly 50 goats, often moving them free form through lanes, meadows and fields.  He works both independently and as part of the farm team.  Wyeth is completely trustworthy with all the farm stock and is his owner's "right hand man". He loves children and baby animals, is dependable around other dogs and people and is a friend to all.  He stands 22" tall and weighs 50 lbs. This will be Wyeth's second litter.


Sire:  Good Shepherd's Mellow Moonshiner  "Jasper"  ESC - 1690

                   (Good Shepherd's Hallelujah Rudolph x Good Shepherd's

                                                                                     Blacksheep Ivy)

                              Bred by Amy Dorsch

Dam:  Brandywine Pippa   ESC - 1519

                (Caledonia Danny Boy x Brandywine Briar Rose)

                            Bred by Heather Houlahan

DOB:  June 22, 2015


         Hips: OFA Good

         MDR1: n/n by pedigree and testing (EMBARK)

         EYES: - OFA CAER Clear

         CEA, PRA-prcd, DM: – All Clear (EMBARK)



        English Shepherd Club Registry    ESC-4268

Bred by:  Erica Zimmerman



A Puppy Interest List has been started.  Particular consideration will be given to working placements.  If you would like to learn more about this potential litter, be included on the list and/or considered for a puppy, please contact either Dr. Miriam Horowitz or Chris Turcotte.


Miriam Horowitz, DVM  

                (802) 765-0200    (Note: This is a land line, with voice mail.)


Chris Turcotte     

                 (207) 299-6411


                CONTACT US  on this website.

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