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Ginger and Boone's litter of nine puppies arrived on September 15.  Currently, our puppy list is full.  Contact us if you are interested in being considered for a future litter.


GINGER - Old Time Shepherds Ginger of Stillwater -  CGC, RATN, RATO

DOB  - October 7, 2012

Sire -Thomas Char-Gin Dersam Boston (Dersam’s Sparkplug x Dersam-Dollard's Ginger)

Dam - Beebe’s ToSa Maggie (Cedar Creek Todd x Beebe’s Cuddles Sassy)

Bred by Sandi Thomas


Ginger is a five year old female who lives up to her name, both in color and personality! She is very well balanced, of moderate build and coat, with an intelligent spark in her eyes.  Ginger loves a job! She is extremely athletic, full of energy, with an excellent work ethic and is ready for any activity, whether it is daily chores, a hike or ride in the car or, her personal favorite, hunting critters. When she works, she works hard.  When the job is done, she is happy to cuddle on the couch.

Ginger is trustworthy on our small acreage, actively patrols the property on a regular basis and follows up by keeping quiet watch. Her energy, intensity and independence belie a sweet, affectionate, nurturing nature. She is a registered therapy dog and makes regular nursing home visits. Ginger is extremely biddable and willing to please, is trustworthy around stock and shows good instinct for herding. She  is reliable around people and other dogs.

This will be Ginger’s second litter.


Health screens - PennHIP 0.40/0.33; OFA - Good

MDR1 n/n

PRA-prcd, CEA and DM - Normal

Registrations - UKC, ESCR

Color - Rich deep shaded sable with Irish white markings

Size - Height - 19”   Weight - 42 lbs

Ginger's Pedigree


BOONE - Boone Bubbins of Shepherds Way

DOB - June 22, 2013

Sire -Partlow’s Odis Charles (Partlow’s Bud II x Caledonia Holly B Nice)

Dam -Shepherd’s Way Sunshine Dream (Jarrett’s Dallas x Peaslee’s Penelope Ravenpaw)

Bred by Mary Peaslee

Boone is a four year old, striking tricolor male who lives and works on his owner’s large dairy farm in upstate New York. Boone was the only male in the only litter sired by his father, Odie, who was also a working dog in Iowa. He regularly accompanies his owner and is very useful in helping with the myriad of jobs needed to run a very large farm. Boone is a very athletic, well balanced dog with a lean build, excellent work ethic and desire to please. He is a strong heeler and proved his worth when, following a devastating fire on the farm, milking had to be done in a temporary fashion, with Boone moving the cows in and out of headlocks.

Off the farm, he has shown a good aptitude for agility. Boone is very intuitive, easily picking up on how people around him feel, has an affectionate nature and loves to cuddle.

This will be Boone’s first litter.


Health Screens Hips - OFA Fair

Elbows - Normal

MDR1 n/n

PRA-prcd and CEA - Normal by pedigree

DM - Carrier/Not Affected

Registrations - UKC, ESCR

Color - Tricolor - extra white

Size - Height - 21”   Weight - 48 lbs

Boone's Pedigree

September Litter                  2017
Ginger - Boone
Pups Born 9-15-17
All Nine Puppies Are Currently Reserved
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